Lidiya Endale

Child's Information

  • Sex: Female
  • Date of Birth: May 04, 2013
  • Child's Health: Good Health

Mother's Information

  • Mother's Name: Bizuwork Hailemariam
  • Mother's Age: 33
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Other Children: Yirga age 17, Brihan age 16 & Chernet, age 12
  • Income Source: She does embroidery or sometimes daily labor.
  • Residence: Renting
  • Education: 9th grade education
  • Desired Employment: She would like to have her own business of making injera.
  • Program Expectations: "Thanks to God for our last year here!"
  • Dream for Child: Only God knows, but hopes she (Lidiya) will have something better than this. She hopes she will be a doctor some day.
  • Mother's Health: Suffered serious injury after an accident while working as a day laborer. She fell out of building and broke her arm, has a scar on her face and foot. She has a bad back due to the accident, so she can no longer do any jobs that require heavy lifting or excessive bending. She also had a husband who would beat her in the evening when he was drunk. They are now divorced.
  • History: Bizuwork was born in Addis Ababa, but grew up on a military camp until 1991 when Drigi force came back. They then moved back to Addis. She got divorced when pregnant with her last child because her husband was an alcoholic and physically abusive.

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