Lydia Kefle

Child's Information

  • Sex: Female
  • Date of Birth: Oct 03, 2013
  • Child's Health: Healthy

Mother's Information

  • Mother's Name: Tagesech Tirore
  • Mother's Age: 28
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Other Children: Elias, age 8
  • Income Source: She sells tea and coffee and her husband is a daily laborer.
  • Residence: Rent
  • Education: She completed the 1st grade, and can write and read her name.
  • Desired Employment: She would like to have her own cafe, someday.
  • Program Expectations: "Thankful for everything. My daughter was little when we join and she is growing now."
  • Dream for Child: She will grow up and help other people—that she would be a blessing to others. Maybe be a spiritual singer!
  • Mother's Health: Healthy
  • History: Tagesech moved to Addis 3 years ago with her husband to search for a job. Her husband left her in June 2013. She had help from friends and neighbors to support her since she was pregnant when he left. She got remarried this past year reporting this was because he had a good job.

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