Strong Families Care Center

ethiopia-volunteering-day-care-5954Our Family Care Center provides a safe, nurturing place for children during the day so that their mothers are able to look for work. The center can care for 40 young children, from infant to age 3. They will receive proper nutrition, early childhood education and school supplies, as well as basic healthcare and hygiene education. Social support, counseling, education, vocational training, financial advice, parenting and life skills training will also be provided to their families. Our holistic approach to caring for children and their families will enable them to obtain the skills and opportunities necessary for a successful future.

The families in this program may not otherwise be able to provide for their children and run the risk of having to find alternatives for the care of their children (i.e. orphanages, abandonment, other family members). By providing childcare, mothers and fathers are able to generate income in order to provide for their children. The children can come to the daycare five days a week.