Strong Hearts Ethiopia

13151752_10153410074817186_5494183264525197046_nWe are dedicated to community development, located in the southwest area of Addis Ababa. Kore is an area of Addis Ababa where the city dump is located, and is also one of its most impoverished neighborhoods. It has among the highest population of people with HIV/Aids and leprosy in Ethiopia. We address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Kore community by offering Education, Hospice, Microfinance and Daycare programs within the community, addressing the needs of children and adults living in these especially difficult circumstances.

Our Purpose

Strong Hearts Ethiopia is called to:

  • Promote physical and spiritual development among marginalized and disadvantaged people to bring about holistic transformation “from the inside out” for individuals and communities.
  • Inspire hope and grace into the lives of individuals, and nurture the values of sharing, caring, self-respect, self-confidence, and community ownership.
  • Support the growth of community health awareness and assist in establishing safe environments to help communities achieve their development goals for education, health, housing, jobs creation & business development.

Board of Directors

Strong Hearts staff makes it possible for us to meet our core commitment to help the communities we serve. Our Board of Directors also exists to ensure that all of the activities of the organization are aligned with the Strong Hearts mission and objectives.

Board members

  • Getinet Teferi Tafesse – Founder and Executive Director
  • Mintewab Liben – Board Chairman
  • Yeneneh Balcha Mulisa
  • Tesfaye Mekonen
  • Teferi Tafesse Desta
  • Yosef Lema
  • Amare Teferi Tafesse